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Senior Stories – Part 8- Jonathon Ferris- “The Overcomer”

Jonathan Ferris- “The Overcomer” “Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” -Christian D. Larson Jonathan Ferris has something inside him that is special. He has made a believer out of me. Jonathan Ferris was born with cerebral palsy.   It has definitely made

Mr. Bellar- “A True Alex Tiger”

Doug Bellar- “A True Alex Tiger” How do you tell the story of a person who has dedicated his life to a community, an athletic department, and a school? I will do my best. Mr. Bellar has been a teacher/coach/athletic director in the Alexandria Schools for 42 years. Mr. Bellar started as an Industrial Arts

Tiger Athlete Stories- Part 7- Lexi Bean- “A Job Well Done”

Lexi Bean- “A Job Well Done” What has been enjoyable about writing these articles is being able to get the whole story about a student-athlete. Sometimes the stats don’t tell the whole story. Sometimes what you see on the field or court doesn’t tell the whole story. Lexi Bean’s story fits into this category. Lexi

Tiger Athlete Stories Part 6- Trevor Simison- “The Teammate”

Trevor Simison- “The Teammate” I heard a quote once that said, “Instead of trying to be the best on your team, try to be the best for your team.” Trevor Simison was the 2nd guy off the bench on the boys basketball team this year that won 15 games and made history by winning the

Tiger Athlete Stories Part 5- Cade Vernetti- “The Worker”

Cade Vernetti – “The Worker” It is a lot of fun to watch a kid who has a lot of talent. Things just come sort of natural for them. It is also a lot of fun to watch a kid that maybe doesn’t have as much talent but just works as hard as he can

Tiger Athlete Stories- Part 4- Brennan Morehead- “The Iceman”

Tiger Athlete Stories- Part 4- Brennan Morehead- “The Iceman” If you have been around sports for any period of time you have probably heard one of these phrases… “That guy is clutch…” “That dude has ice water in his veins…” Or as the late ESPN anchor Stuart Scott used to say….”He is cooler than the

Tiger Athlete Stories- Part 3-Rylan Metz- “The Winner”

Rylan Metz- “The Winner” This is my 5th year as athletic director at Alexandria Monroe High School and I have been working in a school setting for almost 20 years. Besides my own kids- I can honestly say Rylan Metz is my favorite high school athlete I have been around. I have known Rylan since

Tiger Athlete Stories – Part 2 – Kirsten VanHorn- “The Glue Girl”

Kirsten Van Horn has lettered in volleyball her first two years of HS and basketball and softball all 4 years. In my experience as a coach, I would describe Kirsten as “The Glue” that makes it all go together.   She has been a varsity athlete for the Alexandria Tiger athletic program for 4 years. She

Tiger Athlete Stories – Part 1- Dan “The Man” Snyder

As we have been forced into a break in the sports action due to the coronavirus,  I wanted to try to fill a void I’m sure all of our athletic programs are feeling right now.  I know I am.  I thought I would post some good Tiger sports stories that maybe you wouldn’t hear about