Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Lady Tiger Tennis Scores Huge Win at Ole Miss

Coaches Comments:

HUGE WIN!!!  Big CIC win on the road after a crazy week and then weekend last week.    Mississiewa has won the last three CIC title and we have not won at their place since 2012 so all the stars aligned right for us.

This last week was tough as half of my team has been fighting the flu and most are still recovering.   The 1st point we lost was at 2S as Colleen struggled against a very strong hitter who was returning from a shoulder injury last season.  She use to be their 1S so I knew it would be tough.   Blaine was iffy all day as she has been still fighting her flu issues and I was not sure I would play her tonight.  To her credit she battled well, but her opponent was very good and we were down 0-2.   I rotated my line-up around so 1D was a 1st time team of Mary & Anna but they got us on the board winning going away in dominate form and played like they have been partners for a while.

Madalyn has been playing great doubles and I paired her with Jordan to try to get the other doubles point.  They were down 1-5 but showed great toughness winning 5 of next six to force the tie-breaker.   After getting down in early in the tiebreaker, they came storming back to get the set and eventually rolled to get the match to tie things at 2-2.

The final point came down to 3S where we tried a rather crazy move moving Megan who has never played singles against their seasoned singles senior.  I knew matchup wise it was a good move knowing how Megan’s game could match and frustrate her opponents.    Megan showed great toughness and consistency matching her point for point.   Falling behind 4-5 in the 1st she stormed back to get the 1st set.   Megan kept one game leads throughout the 2nd and finally got the serve break she needed to get the last game and the match!

Again very good win against an amazingly strong team.