Girls Junior Varsity Tennis, Girls Varsity Tennis · Lady Tiger Tennis Face Strong Competition at Smash Cancer Event

Coaches Comments:

Wonderful weekend as the Tigers got to battle some very strong competition.  Six of the eight teams are ranked in their districts (ALEX just moved into 4th in D4) and the top two are state ranked.   Add in a great time for the Tiger squad to work together, wonderful temperatures in the 80’s, and a chance to honor special people with ties to each program who have or are currently battling different forms of Cancer it made for a magical weekend.  Varsity play opened Friday night as the Tigers barely got there on time due to construction traffic.    Varsity play continued on Sat at Jasper HS while the JV played their matches at Jasper Middle School.

Before play on Sat morning all players gathered at JHS to honor someone close to their program who have ties to different forms of Cancer.   Alexandria was able to honor Charlotte Cambridge who as a 2 yr. old has been battling Liver Cancer.   Madalyn Weaver & Alli Aiman (Charlotte’s cousin) did an amazing job of talking about what she is going through and has already battled.   It was an emotional time for all schools as each did the same in turn.

Blaine had a very tough opening draw.  We saw her last year and knew it would be hard to match her consistency.  Blaine played very well in the 2nd round Sat morning mixing her spins and shots up to keep her opponent off balance.   In the final round as the sun started beating down Blaine was on fire early frustrating her opponent to get the 1st set.  Blaine had leads in the he 2nd but could not get the key points as she fell in the tiebreaker and sadly in the 3rd set.    Colleen had the most success getting two big wins playing great tennis.  The final round saw #5 Jasper and there is no doubt she is the best player we have seen all season.   Colleen was no match for the power Jasper brought.   Great showing and a 2nd place was big for Colleen.   We rotated at 3S as Jordan got the opening match and Alli got the Sat matches.   Both players played well but no luck getting over the top.  Alli was in two very tight dog fights but experience ran out as Alli lost two tiebreakers.

Megan & Anna paired up and played extremely well all tournament.   A little rusty early on Friday saw a quick turn around and a big win.   The 2nd round saw a pairing w/ an undefeated GS team and as the score shows, it went down the wire.  Both teams battled well and leads were hard to get as each teams were holding serve.   Sadly the Tigers fell in the he final tiebreaker.   The rebounded nicely dominating a good paoli squad who could not match the Tigers aggressiveness.

Mary & Madalyn started Friday off w/ a slow start, but a solid win against New Albany.   They also had a tough pairing against another undefeated GS squad and held their own well.   Both sets the Tigers were tight until GS pulled away.  The 3rd match was against another solid Paoli squad, but to their credit they took the net well and finished us off.

JV scores are a little incomplete as I have scores, just not teams each group played until tomorrow.

Again a great experience for the Tigers to play some great competition and do it in honor of a great cause!  All the girls played key roles in the Tigers finishing 4th!

See results below:

Jasper Smash Cancer Invitational CIC Record: 3- 0
#5 Jasper 60 New Albany 20
#29 Gibson Southern 33 Jeffersonville 17
Paoli 23 Silver Creek 14
Alexandria 21 Loogootee 12

1S Megan Dooley (Paoli) defeated Blaine Kelly (ALEX) 6-1 6-1
1S Blaine Kelly (ALEX) defeated Emily Bateman (Loogootee) 6-2 6-2
1S Ashley Less (Silver Creek) defeated Blaine Kelly (ALEX) 5-7 7-6(7-3) 6-2
Blaine Kelly Finished 6th Individually

2S Colleen Matthew (ALEX) defeated Katie Sims (Loogootee) 6-3 6-4
2S Colleen Matthew (ALEX) defeated Katie Gernand (Jeffersonville) 6-3 6-4
2S Sarah Monesmith (Jasper) defeated Colleen Matthew (ALEX) 6-0 6-0
Colleen Matthew Finished 2th Individually

3S Shelby Braselton (GS) defeated Jordan Fox (ALEX) 6-3 6-0
3S Elaine Slovak (Silver Creek) defeated Alli Aiman (ALEX) 7-6(7-4) 6-3
3S Cameron Kearney (Jeffersonville) defeated Alli Aiman (ALEX) 4-6 7-5 (3-10)
Alli Aiman/ Jordan Fox Finished 8th Individually

1D Megan Miller & defeated West & Woodard 7-6(7-1) 6-0
Anna Etherington (ALEX) Jeffersonville
1D Scott & Graper defeated Megan Miller & 7-6(7-5) 4-6 7-6(7-3)
Gibson Southern Anna Etherington (ALEX)
1D Megan Miller & defeated Meredith & Osborn 6-2 6-1
Anna Etherington (ALEX) Paoli
Megan & Anna Finished 3rd as a Doubles Team

2D Madalyn Weaver & defeated Flener & Vanlsenburg 6-3 6-2
Mary Sayre (ALEX) New Albany
2D Hall & Doty defeated Madalyn Weaver & 6-3 6-2
Gibson Southern Mary Sayre (ALEX)
2D Osborn & Elliott defeated Madalyn Weaver & 6-3 6-2
Paoli Mary Sayre (ALEX)
Mary & Madelyn Finished 5th as a Doubles Team


1S Jordan Fox Won 8–4 1D Alexa Jimenez & Delany Ward Won 1–8
Finished 3rd Lost 1–8 Finished 6th Lost 3–8
Won 8–1 Lost 5–8

2S Linsdie Chaplin Won 8–3 2D Madison Moore & Savannah Owens Won 8-7(7-3)
Won 8–3 Finished 3rd Lost 0–8
Lost 0–8 Won 8–4

3S Logan King
Forfiet- Sickness