Tigers News · Tiger Athlete Stories – Part 1- Dan “The Man” Snyder

As we have been forced into a break in the sports action due to the coronavirus,  I wanted to try to fill a void I’m sure all of our athletic programs are feeling right now.  I know I am.  I thought I would post some good Tiger sports stories that maybe you wouldn’t hear about otherwise.

The first story is about one of my favorite athletes that I have been around in my 5 years as athletic director.

This athlete is senior football player and wrestler Dan Snyder.

Dan has been a 4 year football player and 4 year wrestler for Tiger athletics.

This story about Dan is one that hopefully might help some of our future athletes.

At the beginning of this school year Coach Pete Gast came in my office and said that he received word from Dan that he was going to quit the football team and was probably not going to wrestle this year as well.   This was not the news that Coach Gast wanted or needed to hear.  Dan was a starter on both sides of the line and was going to be a key part of the success that our football team was hoping to have in 2019.  Coach Gast gave Dan his space and told him to talk to his mom and to think about his decision.  Dan did what Coach Gast said and slept on it.

Within a few days Dan came back and decided to finish it out and play football his senior year.

Dan also made the decision to wrestle during the winter season.

Dan Snyder ended up making the All-CIC football team and helped lead our team to a winning season.

Dan Snyder ended up winning almost 30 matches and was a semi-state qualifier for the 2nd time in 4 years.  He also helped the wrestling team to a historic season with 29 wins.

I have been around athletics my entire life.  I have never heard someone say when they are older, “I wish I wouldn’t have played sports in high school”.  What I have heard is hundreds of kids and adults wish they could go back and “play one more game” or “step on the field or court one more time”, and most often the phrase, “If I could go back I would have played football (put any sport) my senior year”.

Dan Snyder is a different kid.  He is unique in the way he talks, carries himself, and definitely in the way he dresses.

Dan Snyder is what I love about high school sports.  Teams are good because of kids like Dan who show up and play the role they are given.

I want to thank Dan for allowing me to be a part of his journey.  I would also like to thank Dan’s mom, Kim, for being a great sports mom.  I 100% know she was happy that he finished his high school career off the right way.

Lastly – I want to encourage kids from Alexandria or from any school that might be reading this article to FINISH IT OUT THE RIGHT WAY AND PARTICIPATE!! You won’t regret it!

Thanks Dan(Danly)!!


Mickey Hosier – Alex Tiger Athletic Director