Tigers News · Tiger Athlete Stories- Part 3-Rylan Metz- “The Winner”

Rylan Metz- “The Winner”

This is my 5th year as athletic director at Alexandria Monroe High School and I have been working in a school setting for almost 20 years.

Besides my own kids- I can honestly say Rylan Metz is my favorite high school athlete I have been around.

I have known Rylan since he was 2-3 years old. My mom babysat Rylan when he was little. Rylan was always a good athlete. Rylan always had high expectations placed on him. Rylan has always played on winning teams.

In HS- Rylan played on history making football, basketball, and baseball winning teams.

I don’t believe just because you are good at sports or you played on winning teams- that those things makes you a winner.

In my mind, a winner is someone who shows up to every workout, every practice, every film session, and every game and puts in the work. A winner always puts the team’s best interest in front of his own. A winner does all the little things that no one else might see.

A winner is someone who makes the people around them better everyday.

Rylan Metz in a winner.

Rylan’s coaches probably have a 100 stories they could tell you about Rylan.

I have a bunch myself as A.D.

Probably my favorite story is about Rylan committing to play baseball at Anderson University.   If you haven’t heard Rylan is going to play baseball at AU.

I say that because Rylan wasn’t going to tell anyone and I am not sure his parents even knew for a while. I asked him in the office one day when he wanted to do his AU signing. His response was that he really didn’t want to do a signing.

This is odd. This is odd because in my 5 years as A.D. when an athlete commits to a college they can’t tell people fast enough. Kids want to tweet it out, have a signing day, hold a press conference, call the president, etc…

And this doesn’t make any other kid bad for wanting this or doing it. It is just what kids do when they commit.

Rylan is just different.  It is what sets him apart.  I am going to miss it.  His coaches are going to miss it and AMHS is going to miss it.

Thank you Rylan for making my 5 years as the A.D at Alexandria a whole lot of fun. I can’t wait to see the impact you have on Anderson University the next four years.