Tigers News · Tiger Athlete Stories- Part 4- Brennan Morehead- “The Iceman”

Tiger Athlete Stories- Part 4- Brennan Morehead- “The Iceman”

If you have been around sports for any period of time you have probably heard one of these phrases…

“That guy is clutch…”

“That dude has ice water in his veins…”

Or as the late ESPN anchor Stuart Scott used to say….”He is cooler than the other side of the pillow…”

In the past 5 years I know I have said all of them to describe Brennan Morehead.

Brennan lettered in football two years, and basketball and baseball all 4 years.

My first year as athletic director Brennan was an 8th grader. I don’t think I saw Brennan ever miss a free throw….the entire year. 1st quarter, 2nd quarter, 3rd quarter, but especially the 4th quarter….never missed….ever.

As I was around Brennan more it was apparent that this dude was just a cool character. Nothing got to him or if it did he wasn’t going to let you know.

Just a couple of those examples….

This year during basketball we defeated Frankton for the first time in a long time…as the game was winding down in overtime we were leading by two and were running time off the clock. Not sure of the exact details but with the time running down Rylan Metz ends up with the ball and kicks it out to Brennan and Brennan shoots a 3. It was one of those 3’s when the player shoots –all the coaches are yelling NOOOOOOOOO……

Brennan drains it. And Rylan never stopped to watch…..he passed it and just put his hands up and ran back because he had no doubt it was good.  GAME OVER. Clutch.

The other example would be the baseball state championship run.  Every big game during that run he took the mound with the ball.

In the state championship game- Brennan Morehead was the winning pitcher, got the game tying hit, and scored the winning run.

That is just who Brennan Morehead is…..Cool, Clutch….Ice water.

Thank you Brennan for your contributions as an athlete, student, and kid to AMHS.