Tigers News · Tiger Athlete Stories Part 5- Cade Vernetti- “The Worker”

Cade Vernetti – “The Worker”

It is a lot of fun to watch a kid who has a lot of talent. Things just come sort of natural for them.

It is also a lot of fun to watch a kid that maybe doesn’t have as much talent but just works as hard as he can work.

But then there is that scenario that doesn’t come around very often where the kid has a lot of talent matched up with an unreal work ethic. And when that happens- you get to witness something special.

In Alexandria the last 4 years we have been able to witness Cade Vernetti.

Cade Vernetti was blessed with a lot of talent and intelligence.

But there are a million stories about talent and intelligence that come up way short of reaching or exceeding their potential.

Cade has done what some call “mastered the boring”.  And that is a big compliment.

He doesn’t miss class. He gets to school early. He stays late. He attends the extra study sessions. He works out before school. He goes to practice after school. He works, and works, and then works some more.

One of my favorite things about Cade is that I probably asked him on 10 different occasions the last 4 years to miss class to help out with something or go to the elementary for something. Sometimes he would just tell me no and that he couldn’t miss class. Other times he would tell me he could help me but then as it got closer he would say he couldn’t do it because of class.  This is not common for a high school kid.

As the A.D. I am at the school at all times…morning, day, and night. When I am at the school- Cade Vernetti’s car is usually in the parking lot. Cade is at a before or after school study session. Cade is at a practice or is in the weight room.

Cade is there working to get better at something.

There is a lot to learn from a kid like Cade Vernetti. His life is not flashy. It is actually pretty boring. Get up, go work as hard as he can at everything he does. Go to sleep and do it all again tomorrow.

Cade Vernetti is an all-state football player, 3 sport captain, baseball state champion, basketball sectional and county champion, and will probably be valedictorian.

Boring sounds pretty good to me. Thank you Cade for the work you have put in at AMHS the last 4 years!!