Tigers News · Tiger Athlete Stories Part 6- Trevor Simison- “The Teammate”

Trevor Simison- “The Teammate”

I heard a quote once that said, “Instead of trying to be the best on your team, try to be the best for your team.”

Trevor Simison was the 2nd guy off the bench on the boys basketball team this year that won 15 games and made history by winning the Madison County Tournament for the first time ever.

The problem for Trevor was on most nights the Tigers would play only 6 guys.

I say problem because for most high school kids it would have been a problem.

I am confident in saying that Trevor would have loved to play more or contribute more on the court. But that was not the role that was going to help this team be the best that it could.

And although Trevor rarely saw the floor in varsity action the last 2 years, Trevor did something far more important to help the Tiger program.


When I asked the basketball coaches about Trevor Simison this was their response.

“I ripped his butt for 2 straight years and he never played. I never heard a word from him about playing time. He was an incredible kid and teammate.” Landon Carroll

“Trevor Simison will never understand how much it did for our team to have him practice with the red team every day. It gave our team better competition at practice and changed our season. He easily could have walked away knowing he wasn’t going to play. He stuck it out and left AMHS a champion.” Marty Carroll

What some people don’t know about Trevor Simison is that he was a 3 time All-Conference tennis player.   He played 3 singles his sophomore and junior year and then filled the top spot at 1 singles his senior year.

When I asked Coach Devault about Trevor this was his response.

“Trevor grew into an excellent tennis player for the Tigers.   What made Trevor special was his never quit mentality. I have seen his back against the wall many times in his high school tennis career and he would keep finding ways to pull off amazing wins.   He has always been underrated in an amazing athletic boys class at Alexandria, but proved himself time and time again as someone you want at crunch time.  I loved how coachable he was as a singles player willing to adjust his game from match to match. He embraced the long rally mentality and won most of his matches by out working and out lasting the guy across the net. ”

The last people I talked to about Trevor Simison were his friends and teammates. Listen to what these HS kids say about another high school kid.

Brennan Morehead- “He is an awesome guy and always has a positive attitude. Trevor always did what was asked of him and made the people around him better. He was always the hardest worker and was striving to get better whether it was tennis or basketball.”

Cade Vernetti-“Trevor always did what was asked of him. He pushed us to be better on the court. He gave everything he had at all times. He was a great teammate and a great friend.”

Rylan Metz- “Trevor always had a positive attitude and played his role better than anyone else. He always brought energy and gave 100%. He was just good to have around.”

Trevor Simison….great teammate, hardest worker, positive attitude, incredible kid, relentless, accepted his role, BECAME A CHAMPION!!

THANK YOU TREVOR FOR THE ROLE YOU HAVE PLAYED FOR THE ALEXANDRIA TIGERS. You have left a tremendous legacy and should be proud.