Tigers News · Tiger Athlete Stories- Part 7- Lexi Bean- “A Job Well Done”

Lexi Bean- “A Job Well Done”

What has been enjoyable about writing these articles is being able to get the whole story about a student-athlete. Sometimes the stats don’t tell the whole story. Sometimes what you see on the field or court doesn’t tell the whole story. Lexi Bean’s story fits into this category.

Lexi Bean has been a varsity softball player her entire career. She also participated in volleyball and basketball in her career.

Lexi has played a vital role in what has been one of the best 3 year runs in the history of our softball program. During Lexi’s freshman year the softball team won their first sectional championship since 2008.   During her sophomore year the Tigers won over 20 games and made it to the championship game in the county and sectional. And last year the Tigers won a CIC championship and won the CIC traveling plate!!

When Lexi was a freshman she pitched mostly JV as she sat behind Kaitlyn Davis and Abby Burnett who were veteran pitchers at that time. Once Lexi got her opportunity she took full advantage. She has been the starting pitcher for the Tigers for the last 2 years and would have been this year as well.

What some people don’t know about Lexi is that in her 3 years as a varsity softball player she has less than 15 varsity at bats.

This is pretty astonishing.

I needed to know more. I texted Head Coach Sarah Almack and asked her why Lexi has barely been to the plate in her 3 years as a varsity player.

Head Coach Almack, “She understood her role was to pitch and that was what we needed from her. She knew what her strengths were. She knew her teammates would help her on offense as long as she was able to provide the defense the team needed.”

What I heard from her coach is that Lexi did what was asked of her. Lexi did what the team needer her to do.  Lexi Bean did her job.

I asked one of her teammates/classmates Kirsten VanHorn about Lexi Bean.

Her response, “Lexi always did what she was asked to do, and you could always count on her in big games and moments when she would be on the mound. She works extremely hard and tries to get better everyday whether she is pitching or just doing some type of workout. She was definitely one of the best teammates I’ve had.”

For teams and programs to be their best it is essential to have players find their role and excel in that role. You have to show up everyday and even if sometimes you may want more or not always be happy- YOU HAVE TO DO YOUR JOB!

Thank you Lexi Bean for doing your job for the Alexandria Tigers the last 4 years!