Tigers News · Mr. Bellar- “A True Alex Tiger”

Doug Bellar- “A True Alex Tiger”

How do you tell the story of a person who has dedicated his life to a community, an athletic department, and a school? I will do my best.

Mr. Bellar has been a teacher/coach/athletic director in the Alexandria Schools for 42 years. Mr. Bellar started as an Industrial Arts teacher- which included Machine shop, Wood shop, Power and transportation, and photography. He transitioned to the PE department- where he taught PE, Health, and weight lifting. In 2006 he did something he always wanted to do when he took over as athletic director. He led the athletic department for 9 years. He went back to the classroom in 2015. He has taught health and PE these last 5 years while helping Mr. Hosier with supervising athletic events.

In Mr. Bellar’s 42 years he has coached 5 different sports.

One of the main goals of all Alexandria teams is to get their PICTURE ON THE WALL!!!

Doug Bellar has his picture on the wall 27 times. Yes, I said 27. As the head boys tennis coach he had a career record of 263-89 with 3 sectional and 11 CIC championships. As the Freshman head coach, varsity assistant, and JV coach he had a career record of 311-109. He was a part of 15 CIC championships, 5 sectional championships, 3 Regional Championships, 1 semi-state, and 1 State Championship. He was the baseball JV/varsity assistant for 4 years. During that time he had one undefeated JV season, 2 varsity sectional championships, and 1 regional championship. He was also the head golf coach for 10 years garnering 8 winning seasons during the 10 years. Mr. Bellar coached track for 2 years as well.   What a coaching career!!

During Mr. Bellar’s 42 years he has worked for 7 superintendents, 8 principals, and 6 athletic directors.

I ask Mr. Bellar what his greatest memory in coaching was.

His response was, “Winning the Anderson sectional at the Wigwam before class basketball and then winning the state championship in boys basketball in 1998. Also winning our first CIC tennis championship in school history! There are many memories that had nothing to do with the games. I have rich memories of the fun, camaraderie, and scouting trips with other coaches. I have great memories of the college overnights with teams, things that happen in practice and the list goes on and on. When you spend days, weeks and years with great people, the memories are endless. As you know I have a story for every team I’ve been a part of. And I have a lot of stories!”

What some people don’t know about Mr. Bellar is that he didn’t always live in Alexandria. He grew up in Anderson and graduated from Anderson Highland High School (yes he was a Scot). But in the mid 90’s he moved his family, wife Kim and his kids, daughter Courtney and son Adam to Alexandria. He raised his family in Alexandria. He built a house in Alexandria. His kids graduated from Alexandria. This was and is his home.

On a personal level, I have known Mr. Bellar my entire life. When I was a small child, my father kept stats for the Alex Tiger boys basketball team and Mr. Bellar was an assistant coach. As I grew older and attended Alexandria High School- Mr. Bellar was my teacher. He also coached me all 4 years of my HS basketball career. I came back to teach and coach at different times in my professional career as well. I coached with Mr. Bellar and was a coach under Mr. Bellar when he was the athletic director. In the last 6 years Mr. Bellar has been a teacher of my own kids. He has no doubt been one of their favorites. When I told my 7th grader Jacklynn that Mr. Bellar was retiring, I thought she was going to cry.  She added, “I love and will miss his stories!!”

As I finish my fifth year as athletic director there is one thing I can say for certain. No one has been more helpful to me in my athletic director role then Mr. Bellar. No one has answered more questions from me in the last 5 years then Mr. Bellar. On many days, Mr. Bellar has come to my office and told me to take the night off and go be with my family and he would do the supervision that particular night. I talked to Mr. Bellar every day. I can’t thank Mr. Bellar enough for the guidance, mentorship, and help this last 5 years.

I think the best way to sum up Mr. Bellar’s 42 years is that when he arrived at Alexandria he was an outsider. He grew up in Anderson and graduated as a Highland Scot. But as he finishes his career he is a TIGER. And will always be a Tiger because ONCE A TIGER, ALWAYS A TIGER!!

Alexandria Community School Corporation, Alexandria-Monore High School, and the Alex Tiger athletic department would like to thank Doug Bellar for the last 42 years! Thank you for the difference you have made in this community. I know you have made a difference in my life.