Boys Tennis (County)

The MadisMCBoyson County Tennis Tourney was added in the start of the 2007 school year beginning w/ the boys in the fall and the girls in the spring.   This is a chance for all Madison County schools to compete against each other in a seasonal battle.   As you can see below the Tiger Tennis squads have been deeply involved in the tourney winning once and placing high in most of the others.


Madison County Boys Tennis Champions

2020: Lapel

2019: Lapel

2018: Lapel

         Finals- Lapel 3 Alexandria 2

2017: Lapel

         Finals- Lapel 4 Alexandria 1

2016: Lapel

         Finals- Lapel 3 Alexandria 2

2015: Lapel

         Finals- Lapel 4 Alexandria 1

2014: Lapel

         Finals- Lapel 5 Alexandria 0

2013: Pendleton Heights 

2012: Alexandria

         Finals- Alexandria 3 Pendleton Heights 2

2011: Anderson

2010: Anderson

2009: Pendleton Heights 

2008: Anderson 

2007: Anderson